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Is this a good Offer, what’s this place like?

May 14, 2012

I love having a great group of friends and co-workers to rely on for opinions, everything from how my shirt looks to what I should do this weekend.

SoRewarding isn’t much different!  Our little community does a great job at expressing their opinions by writing reviews and sharing tips.  So now, when you’re considering buying an offer and naturally the question arises, “Is this a good Offer, what’s this place like?” you can find out in one-click on  Our tips and reviews on Merchant pages give you useful information about a merchant.  Like, what are the best things they offer at this place, what should I avoid, where is this place, when is it open – all of this info can be found on SoRewarding!

These reviews and tips are written by people just like you – Y’know beautiful, intelligent, sociable people.  We encourage people to share their experiences with friends on SoRewarding, whether it is a positive or negative one. We think it’s pretty neat that you can write reviews and share tips about Offers and merchants we have on SoRewarding.  Hop on SoRewarding, like literally jump, and let your voice be heard!

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