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The RewardingCrew

May 22, 2012

Hey guys!  I want to share some news with everyone about an exciting new development at SoRewarding.  (Drum Roll) ….

It’s the RewardingCrew!  So, what is the RewardingCrew you ask?  It’s simple, instead of having a hangover and a ludicrous credit card receipt the morning after a night of partying.  You’ll now still have a hangover BUT also a sense of self-satisfaction by knowing that you and your friends Partied For a Purpose!

What purpose, you ask?  Well, at each of our RewardingCrew parties we select one of our non-profit partners to be the star of the evening.  As the party goes on till the wee hours of the morning, and some of us take the early cab home, this Non-Profit will receive donations from patrons and proceeds from the purchases made that night! 

All the usual suspects will be there, booze, socializing, lost phones, laughs, tears, joy, BUT in addition to these things we Party for a Purpose.  Finally, it is our turn to reward these people who do so much to positively change and impact the world!  Now that we’ve whet your palate and you’re eagerly waiting to find out the location of our next RewardingCrew party…  

Stay tuned for more… COMING SOON!


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