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May 30, 2012

I think it goes without saying that many of us take for granted what Non-Profit organizations do for us, our kids and our community.  It is commonplace for non-profits to work behind the scenes, quietly providing help and care to hundreds, thousands, sometimes millions of people.  Not for accolades or recognition but based on the principle of humanity and to lessen the suffering of others.

At we have 15 non-profit partners.  We believe that each one of these profits offers positivity, happiness and immeasurable value to our communities.  You can learn about our non-profit partners by visiting each of their pages.  For example, the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Colorado page can be found here:

Non-profit pages make it easy to find a mission statement or get information like website or phone number, but the BEST part is that you can DONATE directly to your favorite organization through their page on!  Look at the picture below that shows the Mile High Leaps and Bounds non-profit page, you’ll notice a ‘Donate’ button. 


You can log-in to and make a donation to any of your favorite non-profit organization with the click of a button!  We like to think this will help raise awareness and increase donations made to these wonderful organizations and people who make so many things possible for the less fortunate.  Visit … save money, connect with your community and make a difference today.

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