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First ever Party for a Purpose Event!

June 20, 2012

This post should be prefaced by saying that we are very grateful for the generosity and compassion that everyone involved in our first ever Party for a Purpose event has shown.  WOW, truly wonderful to see everyone come together and rally behind a great cause for a night of fun!  You may even say the experience was SoRewarding 🙂.

There was a certain excitement and buzz in the air at Indulge Bistro and Wine Bar on the evening of June 18th and as people joined the party, that vibe only grew stronger.  The wine was flowing, the food was sizzling and friendly faces were in abundance!  That’s a winning combination and while I was sitting there eating my Caprese Kabob (vine-ripe grape tomato, fresh mozzarella and delicious basil), I thought to myself, why can’t we do this every-day?!

I snapped out of my day-dreaming mode when I heard the wonderful voice of Dianne from the Make-A-Wish Foundation begin giving a toast for the evening.  It was beautiful to learn about Make-A-Wish and hear about how they’ve positively affected the lives of so many children with life-threatening illnesses. 

People wrote checks to Make-A-Wish, one was up to $500!!  Shortly after, SoRewarding was doing a raffle to select a $250 CASH prize winner for the evening!  Toni Bixler ended up being the luckiest of the bunch and winning the $250, but as I mentioned before, generosity and compassion was in the air and she donated $150 of her prize to Make-A-Wish!

All-in-all, it was a night to remember.  Even though I’m writing this with the hint of a hang-over, I know I partied for a purpose and made a difference and no matter how big that difference is, every little bit counts!

Thank you to everyone who came out, if you missed it, I hope to see you at the next one!

Drinks were had, donations were made… PARTY FOR A PURPOSE!  Find pictures and more here:

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