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Our newest SoRewarding Video Release

August 14, 2012

We recently released our newest SoRewarding video (above).  It was a struggle to squeeze everything we wanted to share with the internetz in a minute and a half, but I think we managed to do a decent job.   Besides, for all the stuff that didn’t make it in the video, we can write about it in our blog, right? amirite?
So, in the video we tried to highlight how SoRewarding is a game-changer in the daily-deal space and is a win for EVERYONE.  Seriously, EVERYONE.  By everyone, I mean like each party involved in anything that happens on our site.  So, who is everyone?  Valid question.  Everyone starts with… you guessed it… YOU!  Then the businesses on our site.  And last but not least, our cherished non-profits.

Our beloved users win because they get to try new places, meet new people when we host events and of course, save money.  So we have deals on our site for users, but so what?!  A lot of sites do that.  OK, ok, i got ya… keep reading.  Here’s where we are different, we don’t consider our users little minions or sheep that we herd into buying specific deals. You can request your own deals… you know, on stuff that you actually want. We have a list of great local businesses.  You choose one.  You send them a request, say $10 for $20.  The business accepts, rejects or counter-offers within 24 hours.  If it’s accepted or counter-offered the deal is published to our homepage, for everyone to buy.

Our darling businesses/merchants win because they get exposure to new customers, but here’s the real kicker. The merchants on our site can publish their own deals, whenever they want, for any discount they want.  Oh, they don’t want to publish any deals?  Well then, they can decide to accept, reject or counter-offer the deals our users request from them!

Now, onto our cherished non-profits… Our favorite part of this entire thing. For each and every transaction made on our site, we make a donation to a non-profit of the buyers choice.  We’ve got a lot of different non-profits to choose from so that there is something for everyone.  We’ve been lucky to have so many non-profits wanting to work with us.  The reason for this, we make a difference for them.  They receive donations and in-turn make our community a better and more connected place by furthering their worthy causes.

So, for our users, you can request and buy deals that you actually want.  Our merchants get to publish the deals they want or accept user requests they like.  And non-profits always win, they receive a donation from SoRewarding anytime a purchase is made on our site.  Now go onward and create the deals you want.  Support the causes you love. 🙂


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