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Have you ever wanted to plan a perfect Event?

August 20, 2012

After much anticipation and a lot of work, we had the unveiling of our new release go live late last week.  The biggest change in this release is the addition of the new “Events” feature to our Consumer Drive Deals platform.  In addition to the “Events” feature, we’ve improved the functionality and flow of the site, and in our humble opinion have made it look a lot cooler!

So, what’s this “Event” piece?  I’ll tell you this much, there isn’t anything like it in out there!  To quote an article from TechCrunch, “… allowing users to create an event at a local merchant and request a group deal for each of the attendees.”  So, for example, you can have an event for a birthday party at a local wings joint, including the date, time, place, description, number of attendees, etc.  While at the same time you can request a deal for each person attending the event.  The merchant location receives an email notification and has 24-hours to accept, reject, or counter-offer.  If the deal is accepted, invitations are automatically sent out and attendees can RSVP and purchase the deal from the event page, which has all the info you’d ever want on it.

It’s like a typical event, say on Facebook, except it is on steroids.  Where the Events feature really flexes its muscle is incorporating non-profit organizations.  You can select a non-profit to receive donations from your event, or even make it strictly a fundraiser event; the options are there for the taking.  So besides getting all the guests a deal for the event, you also help your community by donating to non-profit organizations you support.

Hop on SoRewarding today and try it for yourself.  We have great merchants that can host your event in Denver!   Until next time… Make a difference and give-back.


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