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What’s a Good time for Great cause?

September 4, 2012

A good time for a great cause (GTGC) is exactly what it sounds like!  A night of senseless boozing, excessive money spending and regrettable decisions… Wait, wait, scratch that.  I was thinking about MY typical Friday night.

GTGC’s are a little different – it’s not exactly a senseless night of boozing (There will be drinks, but it’s for a cause, much better, am i right?) and you won’t be spending excessive amounts of money on drinks (Get a deal on booze for being part of a worthy cause).  Regrettable decisions are kept at a minimum. (Can’t actually guarantee that one, don’t even necessarily endorse the concept.)

An example of a GTGC would be the Back to College Bash happening on Sept 7th, this Friday.  It’s 3 drinks for $12 and a solid portion of that is a donation to Byrne Urban Scholars. 

Yes, a novel concept indeed.

Buy a ticket:

  1. Save money on drinks.
  2. A donation is made to a local non-profit.
  3. Party your face off per usual. (If you fancy)

I know, your mind is blown.  It’s ok you’ll be fine.   Make a quick recovery and come party for a purpose with intelligent, philanthropic and caring people…AKA the most beautifullest peoplest people in the whole wide milky-way.

Until next time…


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