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Unite for the Fight!

September 18, 2012

Hello dear SoRewarding friends!

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog post.  Today, I want to write about our upcoming event Unite for the Fight for at Kentuky Inn on Friday, Sept 28th in Denver CO.

But first, to do that, I’ll provide some background info for those who are unfamiliar with our events and what they’re all about.  Our events are focused on one thing, a deserving local non-profit that could use some help fundraising.   Our events have naturally evolved into “Good times for Great causes” – this was bound to happen seeing as how there are great people behind these great causes and with great people comes good times! 

We work closely with over 30 non-profits in the local Denver area and each of them has a mission that is admirable, impactful and praiseworthy.  Once a decision is made to host an event for a non-profit partner the RewardingCrew gets to work! 

First up, the RewardingCrew finds a cool local venue with a history of giving, to host the event.  Next, a ticket is put together – included in the price is a substantial donation to the non-profit, drinks and sometimes food.  Of course these things vary from event to event depending on the venue and the non-profit involved.

So you’re probably wondering… what does it all mean for me?  Well, making the assumption that you’re a giving-person and care about your community, it doesn’t get better than this!  This is a great opportunity for everyone to support their community while having a good time and getting to know one another.   The next event, Unite for the Fight – includes 3 drinks and your donation to… for $12!  You’d likely pay $12 for 3 drinks on a typical night (If you’re lucky) but at a Good time for a Great cause, you pay the $12 and make a real, meaningful impact on your community.

Be a part of the positivity in your community and give-back by being a part of Good times for Great causes.Have fun, meet people, make a difference and give-back… all while enjoying lively libations.  See you at a Good time for a Great cause in your neighborhood!

Cheers, Happiness and Giving,



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