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Bringing in 2013 – Give More. Be More.

January 3, 2013

2013 is here already?  I figured there would be flying cars, teleportation, or at least FREE internet for everyone!  Sheesh, guess I’ll have to settle for Facebook’s IPO and the end of twinkies.

Before moving on to 2013, there’s business to tend to.  And let’s TCOB (take care of business). went out with a bang that would make most other bangs look like a whimper.  Not only that, this bang brought good feelings and a whole lot of giving into the mix.

Philanthropic vibes were bouncing from Ugly Sweater to Ugly Sweater on the night of the 20th at Candlelight.  After a few drinks and admiring a variety of what I deemed to be Ugly sweaters, YouthBiz hopped on the mic and told everyone what they were about.  Before they were even done speaking, extra donations were being made by people at the party, by the end of the night $1,137 has been raised!

That’s $1,137 to an organization that makes every dollar count and helps kids every single day.  Love this so much, having fun, meeting people, AND GIVING BACK.  Lets gooo!

Cheers to 2013 and to making this year better than the last.

Give More. Be more.

2013.  Be More. Give More.

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