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The Launch of Kindness Bands: A Generosity Movement!

January 15, 2013

As you know, since our launch, we have been using our website and events to try and change the mindset of the younger generation of Denverites and emphasize the importance of giving back. But for the SoRewarding team, creating this original platform for helping local nonprofits raise money through the activities of the community is not enough. We want to do more.

Our CEO, Marion, truly inspires our team to go beyond the website and events and spread generosity. “The idea is not just to get people to donate to local causes, but to give back to the community in general and spread compassion” says Marion Mariathasan, CEO. “Giving can be very sporadic for many and what we really want to inspire is a lifestyle change. We want people to take pride in doing good and spreading kindness to others all the time. That’s how we came up with the idea for the new SoRewarding kindness bands.”

This belief is why we are launching a wristband movement with the intention of having people give their “kindness bands” to others when they engage in random acts of kindness. These wristbands can then be tracked using a unique ID code on by every individual that the band is given to. This feature allows each person to see what acts of kindness their band has been involved in and where in the world it has traveled.


If you want to become part of a community around the globe that is united through random acts of kindness, visit to learn more and get your hands on some wristbands.

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