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Writings from ME – Project Anti-Bully

May 21, 2013

My name is Kerstan Saylor and I am one of the Directors for Events here at SoRewarding. Each and every day I feel blessed to be able to come to the job that I have not only because of the wonderful team that I get to work with each and every day, but also because of the work we get to do!

As  a college student I dreamt of being an Event Coordinator and never imagined that my 2nd job out of college would be my dream job. Working for SoRewarding as an Event Coordinator is my dream job because I get to be creative every day and I get to work with amazing non-profit organizations. It really is SoRewarding to come to work and know that the work you do each day is helping make a change.

I recently came across a nonprofit that I was inspired by and I wanted to share them with you, maybe you too will be inspired? The nonprofit organization is called Project Anti-Bully and they are based out of Naples, Florida. I had a few interactions with this organization though twitter and Facebook that developed into a conversation with the founder of this nonprofit.

I was touched by this nonprofit because I think that everyone of us has experienced bullying in one way or another. Whether it is something you have experienced personally or maybe someone close to you has. It might be something you went through as a child or as an adult. It may have been verbal or physical. Everyone’s experience is different but no matter how bullying has affected you, we all know how much it hurts. Bullying has impacted my live through family members and friends and the emotional impact I have seen by this is truly disheartening. When it affects you personally, you understand the need for the change.

I love that Project Anti-Bully has capitalized on using students across the world to be their hands and feet to get their fight against bullying out there. Through their campaigns they are able to do this. The organization has three campaigns with can be found here: I was able to get a sneak peak of their 4th campaign that will be launching here soon and it sounds just as exciting as the others!

I love that this student-run organization is already in 21 different countries after only having been founded in 2006. It makes me realize the impact that we all can have in this world and it inspires me to continue my work here at SoRewarding; to continue to spread our mission for helping others and spreading kindness.

I hope you take the time to check out Project Anti Bully as well as some of the other amazing non-profits on SoRewarding. There are so many great organizations, causes and ways for you to get connected and get involved with your community. Be inspired to go out there and be the change you wish to see in the world. Don’t let time pass you by. Life is short; don’t take it for granted.



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