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Five Ways You Can Give Using

July 22, 2013

I want to get involved with helping others.  How can I get the ball rolling with SoRewarding?  Sometimes our innovative and completely unique platform can be confusing or intimidating for individuals.  Here are five simple and easy ways you can use SoRewarding to be kind and make a difference.  In partnership with compelled individuals, cause-minded businesses, and passionate Nonprofits – SoRewarding has raised thousands of dollars for various non-profits alleviating city issues.

1.  Be a part of it

You’re probably saying ‘How does creating an account help me give?’ SoRewarding is the only social network for philanthropy.  So every individual, business, and Nonprofit on the site is there because they want to be.  Creating an account is inherently positive.  You’re taking a step to support causes, movements, and activities that are kind-hearted and philanthropic.

2.  Discount at a local business – Donation to a local Nonprofit

Browse local businesses in your area, read about them, and send a request for a discount & donation.  Businesses on SoRewarding often times accept requests, as they know a portion (5%) of each discount sold will be donated to a 501c3 NPO.  Even though it’s 5%, on scale, these micro donations do add up.

Discount from Whole Foods Requested to Benefit American Lung Assocation.

Discount Requested from Whole Foods to Benefit American Lung Assocation.

3.  Create a Fundraising Campaign

Anyone can create a fundraiser page in minutes on SoRewarding.  Set a Fundraising goal, tell the story, add photos, videos, and invite your friends.  Give updates and help your favorite nonprofit raise money so they can continue to do what they do.  SoRewarding continues to grow in its widespread use and all donations to verified 501c3 Nonprofits are tax-deductible

Start a Fundraising Campaign

Create a fundraiser to benefit your favorite nonprofit. Or create a personal fundraiser.

4.  Post your event on SoRewarding… Donate to your favorite cause

You can create an event for any type of gathering; public or private on SoRewarding.  From one centralized location, you can manage the attendance for your event and communicate with your audience.  You can even sell tickets for your event!  A minimum of $1 per ticket is donated to a 501c3 for every event on SoRewarding – but if you want to donate more per ticket, you can customize it exactly how you want.  If you’re not selling tickets, instead of gifts, request your attendees make a donation to a nonprofit.  Why not use a ticket platform that gives-back?

Donate instead of a Gift

For every ticket sold on SoRewarding – at least $1 is donated to a nonprofit.

5.  Gift someone a Kindness Band

Kindness bands were started as a way to encourage random acts of kindness and to create a chain of kindness that connects people from  around the world.  As each person receives a band, they document how they received it.  Gifting someone a Kindness Band could start a domino effect that inspires kindness near and far.

Kindness Band Story

Be kind, do good.

These are just a few of the ways that you can utilize SoRewarding to make a difference.  Try a few of them and write your experience in our comments.  In times of negativity and struggle, SoRewarding can be your place of tranquility and positivity.  Restoring your faith in humanity, that there are individuals in this world, like you, who want to leave this place better than they found it.


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  1. Some great ideas, thank you! Will be back with more time, later…Thank you so very much for stopping by my blog and liking some of my posts, I really do appreciate it 🙂

    “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a harder battle” ~Plato~

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