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A facebook message…

August 5, 2013

We got a Facebook message over the weekend that got my wheels spinnin’. We get facebook messages from time to time, all of which are typical. When’s your next event? Are you guys hiring? I didn’t see this one picture that you guys took? Etc. But this weekend, we got a message from a long-time twitter/facebook friend. And if this person posed this question, then I can be sure others are thinking the same thing. Respecting privacy, I’m going to copy/paste the question and response below:

So quick question, I’ve been following you guys quite some time on Twitter and Facebook and I was wondering how exactly do you guys help out non-profit organizations and local businesses? do they pay you to throw events and such?


Thanks for writing. SoRewarding helps non-profit organizations and local businesses in a variety of ways, and events are one of those ways. The website,, is a robust social network and platform which helps Nonprofits fundraise. A nonprofit can request a discount to a local business that benefits their organization. A nonprofit can create an online fundraiser for their organization. A nonprofit can host events and sell tickets to benefit their organization. In addition to features for nonprofits, SoRewarding allows passionate individuals to make an impact, through donating or fundraising, purchasing event tickets or discounts.

To answer your second question, SoRewarding events partner a local Nonprofit and a local business. We select impactful nonprofits and socially responsible businesses. It’s free to both the businesses and the nonprofit. We collaborate. We theme a night, set a date, add some drinks/food to the mix, and create a ticket that benefits the nonprofit. SoRewarding hosts these events to introduce people to the website by showing them the functionality. We’re looking for people who support and will use our product, so at the events you’ll see us chatting with folks. I invite you to attend one of these fundraising events in your area, and if you know of a local nonprofit or business that would be interested, have them reach-out.

When you have a moment, please browse the, I’d certainly appreciate your feedback. Many, many thanks for the message and continued support. If I can provide you with more information, or answer additional questions, I happily will.


I know, you’re thinking… all that in a Facebook message?!  You’re in luck, i’ve writen up a tl;dr.

tl;dr – SoRewarding Fundraising events/parties is our way of introducing businesses, nonprofits and individuals to These events, which are held around the country, are an example of how SoRewarding can be used to fundraise.

SoRewarding eats, breathes, and sleeps fundraising. Rest assured that if you use your card on SoRewarding, you’re making a donation. What’s your opinion of SoRewarding? Have you used the website?  Share your experience with us in the comments!

Nonprofit page with 501c3 designation.

Nonprofit page with 501c3 designation.


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